Articles By Ian K. Kullgren

Ian Kullgren has been worshiping The New York Times since he was a teenager. Mr. Kullgren went on to become editor-in-chief of his high school’s newspaper. He revisited this role at M.S.U’s The State News. After the Institute, he will board a train to Oregon and begin reporting, as an intern, at The Oregonian.


Crystal Garner is searching for a career at the convergence of radio, print and web. Ms. Garner has worked with scientists at NASA and on her university’s student newspaper, where she covered minority issues on campus.



The New York Times Student Journalism Institute in New Orleans for 2014 is now concluded. We will resume in May 2015 in Tucson, Arizona.

In Focus

The National Weather Service of New Orleans/Baton Rouge issued a flash flood watch Wednesday afternoon remaining into effect through Thursday evening.